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Monday, January 29, 2007

INTERVAL TRAINING - they way to go?

Sunday (Jan 28, 2007) - This was the first time I was going to attempt a run with such distance in my adult life. I may have did 10 kilometers during my teens, but in those days, energy was abundant and it seemed like I could do it forever. The sad truth however dawned upon me, when I struggled past 5 kilos! Dang... 10ks ain't that easy I reckon. I ended up walking almost 1/2 the way, and finally, my legs almost broke down and had to call my wife to come and pick me up! HAH! What an experience :) ... anyway, I'm not giving up... because I think I am quite keen on entering the KUALA LUMPUR 10K RUN in 2weeks ++ time :) So, it's off to training again today... only it's gonna be less kilometers today.

ANYWAY! To the topic of today. Interval (Cardio) Training. What is it? Sound technical... but really, it can be quite simple. For me, Interval Training is a "short-cut" to getting your cardio done for the day. It's not a cheat mechanism in any way... cuz it's quite a challenge to do. But if it can cut down my cardio time to 20minutes... then hey! Why not :)

Basically, Interval Training is to do perform a particular cardio exercise repetitively, at an increasing pace, within a certain interval.... .. .. .. Ok ok. I think I didn't put that in the best definitions... since English is not my mother tounge, I beg for forgiveness. It's best I explain using an example.

I personally love the BODY FOR LIFE technique. First, I pick an exercise... Say RUNNING :)
I will divide my exercise into FOUR 5-minute intervals (4 X 5-minutes = 20minutes!).

Minute ONE
- I run a slow pace. Just to get things going. Run run run run run... Slowly that is :) I'm not even losing breath of burning my calves muscles here. (I rate this at level 2)

Minute TWO
- I increase the pace a bit. But still, not that challenging. Just making sure it's faster than the first minute. (Level 3 perhaps?)

Minute THREE
- Here, I beef up the tempo. running faster than the previous minute. It starts to get a bit challenging here. But it's not DEAD challenging. Start to breath heavier, but still, I can take it.
(Level 6 is the number here)

Minute FOUR
- This is when I add more beef to my run. Ok... BEEF here means I make things faster :) I start to breath heavier, and I feel that my heart rate is rising... beating faster and faster. I also start to feel that I'm going at a FAST PACE! A pace I don't think I could maintain for 30 minutes! (Level 7)

Minute FIVE
- For me, I usually divide this minute into two parts. I'd go at about 85% of my might for the first half. Believe me, it's a pace you won't want to maintain for a long time :P The second half would bring me up to 90%. This is when I feel that I am (almost) fully sprinting. Heart rate has risen to a high of... I'm not sure how much (around 160 beats per second I reckon). And at the end of this minute... I'm panting profusely. (Level 8-9)

Minute ONE (Second phase of the Intervals)
- Then, I start lowering my pace to slow jog... Not to drastic or else my blood would go
popping through my head :P

I repeat the process for another THREE-five minute intervals.
And at the end of 20-minutes... I'm done. I feel good! And there's my cardio for the day :)
Simple sounding ain't it? ... simple yes.. but definitely not easy! But once you get used to the
routine, it would (almost) be like a bag of peanuts.

This is however my personal preference. Might not the the most effective way of interval training... but it works for me. Lost quite a lot of kilos (15 to be exact) using this method... coupled with lifting weights of course.

For more information on Interval Training, you might wanna search the net. Feel free to Google either thru this website (at the top) or thru :)

Hope you had a nice read.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ab Workouts

Most people would dream of a six-pack, wash-board midsection. The abdominal area,
or most commonly referred to as the AB, has been the main area of interest whenever weight loss or fat loss comes into the picture.

In a few previous posts, I mentioned that spot reduction (losing fat from a particular part of your body) is almost entirely impossible. Most of you would probably know what by now, and would want to know about some ab workouts that can be done in order to strengthen, and hopefully one day make visible the six-pack that's lurking somewhere beneath the surface of your bellies :)

Here is a simple workout, that can be done right in the comfort of your home.

1. Abdominal Crunch
  • This is probably the simplest of all workouts. You need to firstly start out by lying on your back. With you knees bent, cross your hands on your chest (while still laying flat on the ground of course)
  • Start raising yourself, while pushing your back to the floor. DONT GO ALL THE WAY! Because that would limit the effectiveness of the workout. Just raise your back a bit, and maintain the pose for say, 2 seconds.
  • Then slowly return to the 'laying flat on your back' position. There, 1 abdominal crunch done :)
  • Repeat for another 15-25 times, depending on the pain you are able to tolerate. Then rest for one minute (or a minute and a half).
  • Do two or three sets of these 15-25 crunches, along with the resting periods.

Tips: Remember, do not go all the way up. Raising your body all the way will reduce the effectiveness of the workout. Also, try to lay on a surface that's not too soft nor too hard. This is so that you feel comfortable during the exercise :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006


People often wonder how they can lose that bulge/flab from their mid section. Most would
resort to machines such as ab-rockers, abs-tronic-like devices, weight loss pills, fat loss patches, and the worst of them all... LIPOSUCTION!!! Countless people have thought, or still think that the way to get rid of their unwanted gut is through doing hundreds or even thousands of crunches per day. This is a huge misconception, and needs to be corrected :)

The SIX PACK, Fat and Your Tummy

The six pack in the abdominal area does indeed exist. They exist in all normal human beings. Doing tummy or stomach targeted exercise serves to strengthen these ab muscles, but they do very little to get rid of the flab.

The reason why you cannot see the muscles is because there is too much fat covering them! Your six packs or literally camouflaged by fat accumulated through the years! It's as simple as that. Get rid or the fat (or reduce it to an acceptable level), and VOILA! Your six packs are ready for flexing.

But it's easier said than done. Why? Because normally, fat in the mid-section (around your belly), is the hardest to get rid of! It's the most stubborn piece of flab that you can ever get onto your body. And for most people, fat around the tummy is the first place fat starts to accumulate.. So, abiding by the rules of fat loss, what goes in FIRST, comes off LAST. This means that, the tummy is usually the last place fat starts to melt away. Just imagine, have you ever seen a guy with a nice layout of six-pack abs having a flabby chest or fat cheeks? :P

That's why, even after an 8-12 weeks on a good fitness or fat loss program, the bulge around the stomach (even though decreased in size) is still visible... seems like it will never go away! But don’t' worry, for it will one day, through persistence and discipline. Nevertheless, it won't go away without a fight! It's going to haunt you until the day it 'dies'. Scary sounding ain't it. :P


Ok. Spot reduction means to get rid of fat form a particular part of your body. Fir instance, you don't like how your cheeks plump out. You decide to do cheek exercises hoping that the fat would melt away from there. Unfortunately, this will almost NEVER happen (unless that's where that fat lastly accumulated).

Many have been lured by TV commercials and exercise gimmicks to believe that you can get rid of fat from any part of your body that you choose. In a way, this is true... but it's only going to happen on (like I mentioned before) a FIRST-IN-LAST-OUT basis. You cannot make fat disappear unnaturally, from a chosen body part! ... unless you choose the deadly 'sin' of LIPOSUCTION of course (Yikes!).

Just remember that SPOT REDUCTION is never the way. Lose fat naturally, and all will be well.

What to do to lose belly fat

In order to lose those love handles, the best way is to BURN THE FAT! And unfortunately for people who want a quick fix, this can only be done through proper meal intake, as well as exercise. There's no other way! You need to BURN THE FAT!

There is another way... which is to STARVE THE FAT. This step would not be ideal, because for one thing, it's going to take (wayyyyy) longer. Secondly, because starving the fat means restricting calories (a.k.a. FOOD), most people cannot maintain such a lifestyle. So, after a while (and usually it's not that long), the 'diet' dies off, and the fat now is getting fed again.

If you choose to BURN the fat, not only will it be extra faster, but there would be other benefits as well... such as better stamina due to the cardiovascular (aerobics) being done, as well as an increased metabolism (meaning your body burns fat better!) due to frequent meals - plus the exercise again.

So, how do we burn?

1) EAT HEALTHY! - Low fat foods

2) EAT FREQUENTLY and IN SMALLER PORTIONS! - 4-6 meals per day, with a complete combination of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables

3) DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! - more than 8 cups per day :)

4) EXERCISE! - Do cardio 3-5 times per day. It would also be EXTREMELY beneficial to add weight training to the equation, because MUSCLES help BURN FAT! Don't worry about getting big like Arnold Schwarzenegger, because you have no idea how hard it is to even get a pound of muscle on! :P

5) PERSISTENCE and DISCIPLINE - Most under rated aspect of the whole fat loss process. At one point you will be demodulated... but persistence will help you find your way. With persistence, discipline will follow. And after a while, that belly beer gut is going to disappear before you can even say uncle :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006


When I was on the Musclenow program, I cooked all of the meals myself. Surprisingly, most of them tasted quite ok :) LOL! Ok ok. I won't say that I cooked up a storm, but the food was palatable :P And some of them turned out to be quite savoury. Hehe.

Anyway, I'd like to share two recipes that might help anyone who is on their way towards losing that extra pound of weight (FAT) through healthy eating :)

Pan Fried Spicy Chicken Breast

What you need:
* around 7-8 ounces of boneless chicken breast (SKIN OFF!)
* one tea spoon of extra virgin olive oil
* one clove of garlic
* one challot
* some oyster sauce (not too much. you want to look out for the high sodium content)
- or alternatively, you can change the taste to black pepper by using black pepper sauce instead


1. Season the chicken breast with a good amount of pepper and (little) salt. Leave it for a over 5-10 minutes;
2. Get a non-stick frying pan, heat it up and put in olive oil;
3. Thinly slice, dice or crush the garlic and shallot and on medium heat, fry them until the spicy odour come up;
4. Add in the chicken. As soon as it goes in, brush on each side with some oyster sauce (or black pepper sauce... or if you wanna add the two it would be ok too);
5. Flip over from side to side until the chicken turns brown...
6.... Ok... There is no six. Just take the chicken out and do what you want with it. You can have it with two slices of whole wheat bread, or even with brown rice. Add in some veggies of course :)

- I give no guarantees on how it's gonna taste like. It tasted ok when I cooked it. But since I've left cooking for quite a while now... hopefully I got the recipe right... LOL! :) But you can improvize as you go along.

Chicken Wrap

what you need:
* 7-8 ounces of boneless chicken breast, and yes... SKIN OFF!
* oregano (the type that are dried... in small bottles)
* corriander leaves
* barbecue sauce (or barbecue powder)
* 1 1/2 tea spoon of olive oil
* Low fat lebanese bread


1) Dice up the chicken breast, and add in the oregano and also chopped up corriander;
2) Add in some black pepper and a teeeny bit of salt, and add in some barbecue sauce (or powder);
3) Add in the olive oil also;
4) Using your (clean) hands, mix them up together;
5) Using a non-stick frying pan, pan fry the mix...
6) Take one slice/piece of lebanese bread, and spread the mix around...

- Then using your own imagination and expert craftsmanship, try to wrap up the chicken using the lebanese bread. I usually make a mess of thing. LOL!

Ok. So those are the two recipes that I often made when I was on my fat loss phase using the MuscleNow program :) I dont guarantee that it will work any wonders, and I'm not saying that it has magical healing or fat loss powers or properties. It's just the type of food that I consumed during the time, and yes, I did lose fat eating them :) BUT of course, it was coupled with good cardio and weight regimes.

So, happy trying, and hopefully we would all succeed in the road to weight and FAT LOSS!


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Losing weight, or gaining muscle, which ever the case maybe, requires discipline.
With discipline comes persistence, and also with discipline comes resilience!
I have been on the weightloss (sometimes misspelled weightloose :P) battle ground longer than anyone can ever imagine. And indeed I have had my ups and downs.

Let me share you the danger that indiscipline can bring about.

You go on a weightloss or muscle gain program... and in some of them, they permit a cheat-meal or cheat-day. This is where you can go out of the program's (usually) diet regime, and eat what ever you want!!! Cheat-meals or cheat-days are actually a good thing in my opinion... but for those who are just looking for an excuse to go off the program, this option can be devastating for his/her weightloss goal.

I went on the Musclenow program about two years back. And I was consistently practising my one-day cheat-day :) Even though the program discouraged this, it kept me going for I had one day to look forward to :) But since I was rather indisciplined back then, one of my cheat-days turned out to be a cheat-month! And it didn't stop there, the month went on and on and on, and before I realized it, I was no longer dieting the way I should! I was eating crap day in day out...!!! Of course I was finishing my Masters degree at the time, but that was no excuse for binging!

My workout also went out the window... I figured... "If I'm not following one part of the program, then why bother with the other parts? (weight lifting and cardio)".

The short stint of indiscipline caused me to gain back the FAT I lost... and along with that, a few extra unwanted kilograms!!! I was also led back to my laid-back lifestyle of non-exercising, and I also re-started my smoking 'career'!

I consinued for some time, but soon after began to realize what I had done. INDISCIPLINE had caused me great loss! (In the form of unwanted FAT GAIN!)

So I really2 need to stress the importance... the UTMOST importance of discipline. Because, lack of it would only make you to fall after starting what ever program! Trust me. I've seen it (and experienced it) much too often.

So, if you're really keen on starting or JUMP-starting your weightloss or musclegain campaign, start by setting goals, and STRENGTHENING your discipline :) It really needs to be there. Like I said, Discipline makes for Persistence. And in case you fall, Discipline makes for RESILIENCE! :)

WIth all that said, I wish you all the best in your weightoss or muscle gain endavour :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hi there :)

This web log is dedicated to my own personal experiences in achieving fat loss and muscle gain. My never ending battle to lose my belly fat, plus to gain muscle will all be jotted down in this blog of mine.

At the moment however, I am unable to blog due to emerging events that were unforseen in the past :( I AM NOT hoerver, ENDING this blog. I will still update it when ever I get new information, plus when I can actively blog again :(

Anyway, there might be some useful information on this blog for those of you who are in the same ship with me. The battle-ship of FAT LOSS or WEIGHT LOSS...

Some programs are described in this program. I have not covered lots of fat loss program or programs, and also fat loss or weight loss plans. Just some programs that I strongly beleive in... Why I beleive in them? Because I've tried them out myself :)

MuscleNow, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, and also Jeremy Likness' book, Lose Fat Not Faith... :) These are just some that I have covered. I am at the moment trying to look for other QUALITY programs to tell about and to HONESTLY promote :)

Please do read on, and if there's anything of use to you here, I would be extremely grateful that I was able to provide something. If there're things here that are against any of your opinions, or maybe some of the stuff described here are less technical, please do leave comments, so that I could correct them if necessary :)

ANyway, please do enjoy this blog. It just wont be updated in the following weeks (hopfully not months).

May we all succeed in our journeys to fat loss, weight loss and muscle gain :)
(where applicabale of course :P)


Thursday, March 02, 2006


Okie. Today I will write about ab machines :) I think most of you would know what I'm talking about lah... It's those contraptions that allow you to lie on the floor with your head comfortably placed on the machine's head rest... and then all you do is rock it back and forth to get a good abdominal workout. Other variations are now also available, but basically they allow for an arc like rocking movement :) Oh! I forgot! There's also the versions that only require you to.... NOT MOVE! Yeps... you got me right. Just strap on the device (that looks like one of those 'bengkung' thinggies... dont know what its called in English) around your your flabby, beer belly mid section, turn the switch on... and VOILA! Six pack abs :P ...

But do these things really work? Can they make you look sexy with so little effort?
We shall see :)

I will try to demistify all the myths surrounding ab machines...
based on my own experience that is. Hehehehe. Hope that holds enuff water for all a'ya :)

................... OLD STORIES STARTING ..........................

When I was about... 19, I wanted a flat, six-packed mid section. Hey... who doesn't :P Fate had it, at the same time I was dreaming, these infomercials started to pop up on Malaysian TV channels. Smart Shop from TV3 was one of the first to advertise ab devices. And the first one I saw was Tony Little's AB ISOLATOR! Man! Was I awed!!! I was thinking that my dream of getting six pack abs was gonna become a reality!!! But unfortunately, I didn't have the cash at the time for I was a mere college student :P That 'oppurtunity' went begging....

The Ab Isolator

But then, came another device. Forget its name, but I think it had the word 'rocker' in it. Ab Rocker if I'm not mistaken. This one looked something like the picture below... only it had platforms for the bented-bars to stand on.

The Ab Rocker... I guess...b>

I managed to purchase this one, cuz my mother was with me when the informercial was on, and she allowed me to use her credit card to make the order...

Happy Happy Happy :)

I tried the first workout... Man! Was it hard! The fitness instructor did the whole thing like it was nothing. I on the other hand, suffered one of the most painful stomach pains of my life!!!!

Crazy or what! I was totally flabby and unfit, that the whole excercise left me with an aching mid section, and still... a one pack (of flab) stomach.... But, I did only do the excercise ONCE! HAHAHAHA!!! So, the whole blame wasn't on the instructor... but mostly on me.

Eventually I returned it, and I presume that my mom's card was reimbursed.
I returned it NOT becuz I wasn't able to do the excercise. It's just that, they showed in the infomercial that the device so so damn stable! But when I was using it... it moved around on the floor like there was a mini earth quake!

Anyway... returning the rocker was a blessing in disguise. Because many years later... I came to learn that ab rocking, or ab isolating is NOTthe way to get a six pack :) Or to lose weight for that matter.

................. END OF PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ..........................

Nowadays... we get bombarded with lots and lots of infomercials that advertise fitness devices that are supposed to be the answer to everyone'ss weight problem!

Most of them, naturally, will target ABDOMINAL issues.

Beer belly, Pot Belly, Spare Tyres, Love Handles... you name it :) They've got the answers for it!

Ok... Let's look at one...

The Abtronic or watchama-callit? Ok. You strap this thing around your mid section... turn on the current... and let it shake. The voltage, or something is supposed to melt away the fat and reveal the all wonderful all beautiful six pack mid section.


Even if you go to Alamanda (Putrajaya), you could see salesgirls promoting similar products... I saw one at OSIM, ... or was it OGAWA... Nope. OSIM I. Cuz I don't think they have OGAWA at Alamanda, right?

Uhhhmmmmmm.... Okie.... So simple aye? Just strap around yer waist... and PRESTO!... I wonder why there're still so many fatso's out there :P

The answer could be that... machines like these are SCAMS! I mean... come onnnn... get a six pack by just sitting down watching TV while some waist-wrapper buzzes on and "shocks" your belly with 'invisible' electricity? Sheessh....

I read an article on the net... referenced at the Excercise Equipment Explained website...

The devices are so questionable that the Federal Trade Commission launched "Project ABSurd" against the makers of the AB Energizer, Abtronic, and Fast Abs in 2002.

Some more reference from the same website::

"These electronic abs gadgets don't do a thing to turn a bulging beer belly into a sleek six-pack stomach," said FTC Chairman Timothy Muris. The government sued the three manufacturers for false advertising. In July 2003, the FTC announced a settlement of over $5 million in the lawsuit against Fast Abs, and courts in Nevada have held five Ab Tronic defendants liable for $83 million. While the charges against AB Energizer are still pending, the FTC filed yet another complaint in October 2003 against the makers of a similar device called the "Ab Force" belt.

Whoa... now that's heavy don't ya reckon... :(

Even though the Abtronics does simulate muscle (they are categorized as Electronic Muscle Stimulators), this muscle 'tickling' isn't enough to burn away the stubborn fat and stimulate muscle growth. It's just another worthless gizmo, preying on the weak and fat and flabby :P


Another device is... I think... is called the Ab King something...
Looks something like this:

The Ab King Something

Ok. The fitness models who endorse the device are undeniably... fit and rip to shreds! (When I say rip to shreds, I mean they've got almost no fat on their bodies). But don't get me wrong, the Ab King can give you a good ab workout. But... the way the informercials are presented seem to show that, JUST BY USING THIS DEVICE, ALL YOUR FAT WILL MELT AWAY... AND A SIX PACK STOMACH IS INEVITABLE!!!!

What a bunch of cow dung :(

Basically what I'm trying to convey is that... an ab machine ALONE, will not suffice. Because...

  1. There's no such thing as spot reduction. You can't choose where you want to lose your fat first! Your genetics determine where the fat is stored first... and also determines from where it leaves first. Devices or diets or even programs that promote spot reduction, or losing fat from a specified part of your body... is doomed for failure! They just don't work!

  2. You can't melt fat away just by excercising. The adage... YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT is so freakin' true! Even if you excercise like a freako-zoid... if you don't eat right, you're not gonna get those abs poppin' out :)

So, the verdict on ab machines?

Ok... The ones that promote movement and the ones that actually require you to excercise and sweat some sweat... those are ok. BUT! Some argue that ab excercise such as the crunch, reverse crunch and also side crunches (to name a few), are already relatively easy to perform. So, why the need for a device that makes an easy job easier? Hmmmmmmmmmmm... I donno, you be the judge :)

Anyway, the thing is... yes, these devices can be used. As a matter of fact, it might be good for people with a history of back or even neck pain (this is just my opinion). However, it must be part of a workout plan/routine... where working the abs is just one of the many body parts that you train. Plus, an important eating plan is also important to implement. Because, again, the adage of "you are what you eat" is very true, like I mentioned before. Normally, it would be 4-6 meals per day (some even go for 8!). But in smaller portions.

In short, you need to excercise (where abs are one of the body parts to excercise)...
BOTH! Cardio and Weights to get better results.
And you also need to eat frequent, well (smaller) portioned, healthy foods... where each meal must have both, carbs and protein... and of course, green veggies :)

Basically, U need to excercise your muscles to expend energy... And in order to fuel this energy need, we must aim for fuel from FAT cells. When almost all of them are gone (we do need some for health purposes)... only then will you start seeing your mid section. Because, if you don't... it's not becuz there's no muscle there. It's just becuz you have too thick a layer of fat covering the muscle. Excercise, eat right and live healthy... that's the way to go... and your fat cells will be crying for you to let them back in (which you must NOT!... :P)

As for the Abtronic... just DONT fall into the pit of despair by getting them. Not only are they quite dear (expensive)... THEY DONT WORK!!!! PERIOD! So, put your money to better use... and get yourself a book or two on how to get fit. As this blog has Google as its partner, maybe some of books of interest may appear on this page, due to Google :) I donno, you just take a look around.


Are Ab Machines bad? ... you hold the final word. The machines can work... but why waste the extra $$$ when you can achieve the same results by just using your GOD given bodies.

The tronics? Hehehehe. Let's just see how those law suits are doing. Steer clear of them. There's no such thing as a free six-pack. You need to SWEAT BLOOD for them!!!!!

Okie dokie.

I think I've rambled enuff :) Hope this was beneficial for you. Have a nice one :)

Cheers! And Happy Ab-bing :)

Six Pack... tutup aurat tapi. Hehehe

PS:- This is another freakin scamming device, where you press your stomach against it... I mean, what kind of excercise is that? You might end up 'sh##ting'! LOL!

Ab Watchama-Callit Inna-dey-er

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Anyway, just thought of promoting this book. A good read I must say. Lot's of NEW knowledge learnt! Some even say that the motivational mantras inside are comparable to Anthoy Robbins'! ... I dont know... the motivation was excellent... but to be like Tony Robbins? Hehehehe. Might be going a teeny-bit overboard... But excellent motivation nevertheless.

Anywayz, one thing I learnt from the book is that... some of the foods that we're so familiar with... are somewhat... almost NuTrItIon-LeSs!!!

Let's take bread fro instance. It seems to be that... the bread that we are eating today, are actually made from refined raw material... I forget.. but the main ingredient for bread is... wheat or something rite?

Anywayz... the wheat (if that's the thing) is processed... STRIPPED of it's natural goodness (vitamins, fibre and stuff)... and then turned into flour form. After that, they spray a coat or two of.... vitamins! ... ok... You strip the wheat of the original vitamins... and then you give a sprayed version? Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I never knew thisssss!!!!

And I also learnt... that NATURAL flavouring doesn't mean that it's natural at all. Yes it's derived from natural things and beings such as fruits, veggies, and also meat. BUT!!! In the end, it goes thru a chemical process in order to make it a flavour!.... and all of this is done by a chemical guy called a FLAVOURIST!hehehehe...

Anywayz.... Excercise is also covered. You cant have food without excercise. If not, no balance la kot ye?
To get a glimpse of the book, you can goto Amazon lah! Here the pic... and the link also.

LoseFat Not Faith

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Trasnformation - I need to look at these pics everyday!!!

Been doing my weght-loss program for the past week. And have to say that things are going quite well. Even though not 100% to the tee, at least I'm still going to the gym, doing my cardio (not at full intensity though) and also TRYING to eat sensibly. Heck, I just bought 2 kilos of chicken breast for Ringgit Malaysia 16.00 at a Hyper-Runcit shop :P 8 bucks per kilo... Now I think that's quite a good deal, compared to the chicken breasts you get at Carrefoure... The last time I saw, it was on "offer" at RM12++ per kilo. gulp...

Anyway, the main post today is regarding the picture below. The transformation from FLAB to FAB! (Flabby or FAT to FABULOUS!). Again I'm refering to this Jeremy Likness guy, because most of his experiences, during his FAT-TO-FIT-TO-FAT_again years, are very-very similar to mine. They only difference is that he's already achieved his dream... his goal of life time fitness!

Jeremy Likness - Transformation from FAT to FIT!He started out at the left-most part, where he was 65 pounds overweight. Then after 3 months, he lost all the unwanted kilos. But!!! As life progressed, the guy gained back some (if not all) of the weight. That's when he decided to Become The Journey. Instead of just viewing weightloss as a process (or a 12 week program as many would), Jeremy decided to make it his lifestyle. A lifestyle of being fit and happy! A lifestyle of enjoying healthy food, healthy activities, and overall... well... a healthy lifestyle :)

He's now got his own company at Natural and he's teaching people just this in his audio program as well as his book.

Anyway, I myself see this as inspirational... Plus, the fact that he went from FAT to FIT... and then back to FAT again... and REdiscovering himself to get back to FIT... is really really really inspirational. Plus I can RELATE to that quite strongly. For that's what I went through when I went from 83 kilograms to 74. Then back to 76... down to 68. And now back at 78. I now know that I need a change of THINKING. Instead of viewing this whole weight thing as a process... or as a mere program... I might as well view it as a change of lifestyle. One that would change my habits and also thinking towards life... excercise and fitness... and most importantly... food :P But most importantly... I want to change my mindset. That's the number one thing I reckon. If I stay with the old mindset, if I get lucky, I'd be back to FIT in no time. But then, after two months or so, I'd be back on the train to flabbiness... No way JOSE!!!


For kemaruk's sake (hehehe), I'll just put that pic again down here. Mana la tau, in case any of you get the urge to follow in his footsteps... :)

And... Oh... for those of you who are afraid of bulking up... Dont worry. It's not like when you go to the gym and lift weights, you get them muscles stragith away. NO!!!

You can go and lift all you want, but without proper training and diet, those muscles wont come out :) Plus, you can control how much muscle you build. So dont worry about getting to big... or Ber Ketul Ketul.

It's the same thing as getting FAT. You can determine how fat you wanna get.... But with fat, its usually the food that does the convincing. LOL!


Jeremy Likness - Transformation from FAT to FIT!


BFL For Women
Ok. Now I didn't know about this. BFL For Women? I guess the one developed by Bill Phillips wasn't universal enough! LOL! :P But heck, it sure did help lots and lost of fat and thin souls. Plus, this BFL for women book must target some other areas us men don't know.

Anyway, just to point anyone who's interested in the right direction. BFL For Women can be found here at

I can comment about Body For Life for Men... even though it was not stated that the program was meant for men only, the program mainly focuses one 2 things.

1) How to eat properly,
2) How to excercise properly (Weights and Cardio / Aerobics).

That's basically what you need in order to lose that gut haning over your tummy :) Men or Woman. But I have to say, if you wanna lose weight, this program will deliver (if followed to the tee!). But if its muscle that you're looking for (without supplements and steroid), other programs perform better such as MuscleNow and also Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.

Anywayz, for you girls out there :) The BFL For Women might just be the ticket you've been looking for. Give it a try and tell me how it goes. Only then can I give an honest review :)


Ok. The main dream that's been eluding me for the past few years (if not all my life) is to obtain a muscular body. Some have seen me lose weight, and those very same people have also seen me gain it back (whether they realize it or not). But the fact remains that, I have grown back into the pathetic physical being I once was. A 78-kg piece of lump, waiting to reach 79 (and after that 80, 81, 82, God Forbid 83!!! and so on and so on).

The thing is.... :(

I already know HOW to lose this weight. What to do in terms of training and choosing the right food. But still, I fall into the chasm again and again and again. It's been three attempts as I can remember....


Body For Life by Bill PhillipsThe first came back way in late 2000. I stood at 83 kilos, feeling absolutely sluggish and ... heavy of course. Not at all in the form of my dreams. But hey, those were the days where most people started to put on a few pounds. After university, get a job and START GETTIN' HEAVYYYYY!!!!
Anywayz... I managed to conjure up some courage to go on the Body For Life programme. Long story short, I brought my weight down to around 74 I guess. BRAVO! Almost 10 kilos! That's SATU GUNI BERAS already! Was getting lots of compliments from friends and family who haven't seen me in a long time, and also felt absolutely GREAT in jeans and pants with waist measurements of 33 to 34 inches. (I was 37 before that).... That certainly was a lovely feeling, after years and years struggling to get my weight down and trying to fit into my high-school outfits. LOL!

But the came the "demise"... From 73-74 kilos, I managed to climb the ladder, almost al the way to 76 or 77 I guess. I was losing sight. I was losing the way... Not to say thet Body For Life was a failure... More to say that I was failing.... and falling. But the thing was... I wasn't falling DOWN! I was falling UP! Up the weight scale!!!


Actually, I had this programme before Body For Life. But I didn't follow it for I thought it was too strict. Kind'a dumb considering the price I paid for it. Anyway... After 'failing' at BFL, I was sent to do my Masters at Monash University Australia. There, I thought I'd start out new, and with another program just for variety's sake. So, I decided to try out my MuscleNow programme. Whoa!!! Was I in for the greatest surprise of my life for procrastinating on such an EXPLOSIVE PROGRAMME! I went from 74-75 kilos, all the way down to 68 kilos! I mean... that's like 7 kilograms. It did take me a few months though... but the duration was alsmost the same as BFL.

But... yes... again I succumbed to worldly temptations... and fell off the fitness-horse. And it was gonna be quite a while after that for me to get back up! Went back to 76 kilos.


Same programme, same routine. I did this after almost 3 months of the horse. It's actually not that common to go all the way back up to 76 kilos from 68! I mean... yeah... I was OVER INDULGING in food! I was eating like a horse + pig + musk rat + hyeina + lion all combined! But fortunately, due to the training I received through MuscleNow, my body reacted quite differently than before, whereby some of the food actually turned into muscle! LOL! I can't explain this. It just happened.

Anyway, again, after two months on the programme, and after achieving some muslce growth... again I took a "rest". I was down to 73 kilos, with quite some muscle and low bodyfat. But... like I said... I took a "rest". Now... this one was longer.

Since the fitness-horse was getting leaner and bigger (as I increased in size as well as reduced bodyfat), I found it hard to get back up.... Argh!!! The agony of climbing back onto a tall horse! :( ... This, was to be the closest-to-death experience I've ever had (fitness wise that is).

Up till now, (21st Dec 2005), I am finding it hard to get back on that horse. Every day I try to push. But still, other tempations take over. The horse is slowly walking away, leaving me behind without a ride. And I'm just scared that one day, the horse might vanish forever... leaving me with a flabby-physique... and also a fat tummy to keep me company.

From LAST WEEK onwards - FOURTH ATTEMPT!!! I'm Sticking my Neck Out By Posting This You Know...




And... wish me luck oso ya my family and frens :) hehehehe. I lub U all.

Okie :) Whoa. Long post ya?

Friday, November 18, 2005

It's been quite a while since I posted anything here.

Darn, been to busy with my work. Or NON work is more like it.

Went to the mall the other day. ALAMANDA as they call it. Located in the outskirts of Putrajaya. Had a fitness first outlet there. Had my eyes on this total gym thinggy. Had a smith machine like mechanism, complete with peck decks, preacher curls, pulley... and... oh yea... no weights provided :( Have to buy them separately.

And it costs... Ringgit Malaysia ... almost 4,000.

Yikes. Where am I gonna that much dough. LOL!

Anyway, will be beginning my workout next week. Monday I guess.
Am still in a dilemma. Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle, or MuscleNow.
Suddenly had the urge to try the former. But the latter had already given me results in the past.


Anywayz, cheerios! :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's been a widespread misconception that ab machines are the ones responsible for a chiseled mid section. It's not the machine nor device that makes your abs look great, it's actually the food!

The explanation goes like this...

You've got one giant layer of fat on your tummy, and you want to get rid of it so that the six pack underneath would surface. TV ads will show you the latest ab-craze and promise that if you buy the product, wihtin a few weeks, your abs will be looking like Schwarzenegger (during his pre-governer years that is).

The turth is, stressing your ab muscles (which is what ab excercise does) does not promote the burning of the fat covering your stomach! No!... Don't even argue. It only helps make the abs harder, or bigger given the correct amounts of micro and macronutrients. The commercials make you believe that spectacular abs are possible with their machines because they want to sell the product! Just imagine, how many of the ab machines or ab rollers shown on TV actually make it to the super markets? Or even the local gym in your neighbourhood? I reckon very very few (if not zero).

Muscle building and Fat Loss are two exclusive things. They canno exist in tandem. One must happen before the other. So, it's total crap the ab machines can make a fat guy look like John Rambo!

To get rid of the FAT convering your mid section( also called love handles if its on the side of the mid section) proper eating habits need to be enforced. This means eating nutrituous foods that are prepared in nutricious ways! That's the whole beginning. Added with cardio excercise, it's going to be a synergistic fat loss phenomena!

But the main thing is still food. Even if you excercise a lot, eating supersized value meals won't help in making those 'bricks' on your tummy show. What you eat will determine what you are, and it's especially true for the abdominal area, where if you eat crap... that's wha it's gonna be... CRAP!

So, make sure, before you even start to think of buying one of those ab devices, get your eating patterns right. Or else, you're in for a brand new towel hanger (that's what happened with my old ab-rocker device).


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


One of my friends went on the Atkins diet. This is the diet where you can eat lots and lots of protein (and fat), with very very little carbohydrates in your diet. According to him, the protein will in some way replace the missing carbs.

I have to say however, that people who try out this diet do lose weight. One of my friends (this one is another guy) lost up to 20 kilos.
That about 44 pounds... of weight. Whoa... now that's quite an astronomical achievement!

But alas, both suffered the side effects. Since the Atkins diet is not mentally sustainable (for them, and I imagine for many others), when they reverted to their 'normal' ways of eating, the weight came back from holiday in a concorde. So fast!!! And for one of them, the weight brought back some friends! Argh!!! Now that's something you don't want happening.

Other side effects, according to one, is the smell of rotten apples...

When you go on a high protein + high fat diet... it causes the fat to burn... yes, it does get burnt. But incompletely!
This results in the release of something called Ketones (the process is called Ketosis). This is where the smell comes from. And it can be noticed from bodily odours and also from the breath!

Hmmmm.... ok. Don't want that. Who wants to be thin while at the same time could clear a room when you say Hello?
Not me :(

I myself had a dissimilar experience. Went on a good program that had excercise + good diet (combination of carbs and protein).
Changed my physique drastically. Body shape changed, and lots of fat were shed.
When I had a lapse in discipline, and went on a long vacation... I did start eating with a vengence! LOL! But thank GOD, my body started acting differently. The shape was still there, and not that much was accumulated.

The last time I was 76kg (during my fat years), I looked flabby. But now, it seems like, at the same weight (due to the lapse), the flab is a whole lot less!

Hmmmmm..... Need to go back on that MuscleNow programme! LOL!

Anywayz, that's all I have to babble for today.



Just listened to Jeremy Likness' free CD about Losing FAT and NOT Faith. In the beginning, he talked about the goal of losing fat. Darn, it ain't as easy as I thought it would be. I have this goal of losing weight and losing fat and this sculpting the best body of my life! But... after numerous lags in discipline, I finally know what's wrong.

There was NOTHING STRONG THAT DROVE ME! Just the mere intention of losing fat was not enough! According to Jeremy, in order to achieve a goal, in order to follow through till the end, there must be some sort of driving force! And for me, I haven't found that yet :(

I need that. I need that SOMETHING that would push me to follow through. Could it be to gain better health... or to be fit for next season's staff-games at my university? Or could it be for the reason to sun-bathe in the Russian winter?

Argh!!! I need to have a driving force. The way Jeremy put it made me think about what would really really drive me to look and feel good. Can't think of anything right now... But I guess, by looking in the mirror, I can honestly say that I'm far far away from my actual goal... which is to be a LEAN, MEAN muscular anatomy machine :P

Anywayz, just hope I'll find it. Will ask GOD's help on this, cuz He's da main BOSS of all BOSSES!!! The CREATOR!!! THE MASTER!!! He'll know what to advise... THe only I have to do is ask for guidance, and also... listen for what He will say :)

Fat loss is indeed a winding road... especially if you're a slacker and a procrastinator... both 'virtues' that I have since I was like... 4 years old? LOL!

Anywayz, that is all today.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Feverish today

Some insect bit me. And now I think the venom is causing me to feel a bit sick.

Luckily its not the Denggue mosquito, cuz if it is, need to go the hospital fast and get warded.
Hope it isnt

Anyway, Harai Raya is coming soon. And it's usually the time for FAT GAINING!

Will not do that.

I will strive to control my lust for food.

Anyway, wishing all Eid Mubarak (Selamat Hari Raya)
and also
Happy Deeavali!

Spot Reduction

The flabbier parts of my life are now over. I'm very thankful to God for that.

During that time, I knew that I had a big problem of losing fat. Nothing I did seemed to work. I tried dieting. I tried excercising. I considered a vegan diet... but that didn't happen because I linked far too much pain to not be able to eat chicken! LOL!

Then one day, as I was watching the home-shopping channel, I saw this MIRACLE CREAM!!! Apply it to your stomach, and VOILA!!! 1-3 sizes of your dress or pants size.

I was ecstatic, and considered buying it!

Luckily, I was still a student then, with no credit card. So, I didn't buy it. Got quite sad... but LUCKILY I didn't have the means to buy it then, because not far after I found out the truth about fat loss. It simply does not work like the commercial suggests! What a bunch of bull ****!
What the product promoted was called SPOT REDUCTION. Meaning that you can target the areas where you want to lose fat!

This, is impossible. Because the body does NOT work that way. From what I've learnt, if you can't afford Liposuction (which is also dangerous), stick to the natural more effective way. It's har to go wrong!

Anyway, back to spot reduction. As I said, it's impossible.
The body stores fat in a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) manner. This means, the place where fat accumulated last, will be the first place fat will dissappear once you engage in a fat loss or fitness programme.

So let's say Mr. X is someone who, when eating unstoppably, his stomach gets big first. After that, you can see his fac starting to fluff up after his stomach. After that, his hands start to expand. And finally, his thighs and feet.

When this guy repents, and desperately wants to change his physique, and goes on a fat loss program, he will start 'shrinking' from his feet first (The last place he gained fat). Assuming this guy is a consistent bugger, his thighs also start to shrink after his feet. This is followed by his hands, face and stomach.

This is how fat is being burnt. That's also why, spot reduction is not naturally possible. I persnally have not seen it happen.

During my 'shrinking' phase, I started to lose fat from my tummy arm area, followed by my legs and face. Different people have different bodily compositions. And they also accumulate fat at different areas, first to last. So, the fat will dissapear according to their physiological profile :)

So, please do remember that spot reduction cannot be done. Unless thru liposuction of course (which is dangerous).

Okie. Teeing off.

How To Get Six Pack Abs Naturally

Six pack abs... Ahhhh...

Who wouldn't want a set of those...

But how many people actually know HOW to get a rock hard chiseled mid-section?

How To Lose Fat and Get Ripped, Fast

As you might notice in the title above, I mentioned the word 'naturally'. Well, that's actually the only safe way to get nice abs! No liposuction, no diet pills, no starvation and also no patches.

The best reference available on how to lose the fat in the mid section is to ask bodybuilders. Natural bodybuilders to be precise. You can go and ask the pros, but they would use un-natural fat loss supplements, which would beat the purpose of this blog post :P

Natural bodybuilders (and pros alike) have been using fat loss techniques to achieve ripped figures. Ripped here means, the muscles are CEALRLY visible below the skin layer. Very-very-very little fat is present. And usually, the level of fat left on their bodies are measured in Body Fat Level (BFL). For a bodybuilder to compete successfully in a bodybuilding competition, his BFL must be in the low single digits,... 3% to 4% :)

Do you need to be a bodybuilder to achieve body fat levels as such? HECK NO!
Just follow their techniques, and just wait for the fat to melt away!

How Bodybuilders get Ripped Fast and Display Those Rock Hard Abs

If you really-really want to lose fat and get ripped, I cannot repeat this enough. Follow what bodybuilders do. They lose fat at an astonishing rate! You don't have to be a bodybuilder, but use their methods and techniques, and it's hard to go wrong.

How they do it?

1. Frequent Meals - Can anyone and everyone really tell me that they are losing fat through 3 meals per day? Or less? I don't think so.

Bodybuilders have been eating 5, or 6, and in extreme cases 8 times per day! But still, they are ripped to the bone. But for the average guy or gal whose just starting out, 5 for women and 6 for men would be a good optimal.

The reason for such meal frequency? If you eat less food (like 3 meals per day...sound familliar?), your body will think that you are in a state of famine... starvation! Yes, the body does have a mind f its own. Scary aye?

So, when this happens, it just tries to conserve energy due to the little supply of nourishment you are feeding it. As a result, metabolism is slowed down. Which also causes the tendency to store more fat and burn everything else. BUT! If you eat 5 to 6 meals per day, in the proper quantity with the proper nutritional values, the body would come to realize that you are actually having a constant supply of food. So it basically believes that it can work at it's best and also at full throttle!


Not the body's exact words, but something like that... As a result, metabolism is increased and stabilized! Since metabolism determines how many calories (thus fat) is burnt, eating more often is simply the most logical course of action anyone who wants to lose fat can take!

2. Include MORE FAT in your diet - What??? To lose fat you must eat fat? Yes sir! That's quite true :) The fat I'm talking about here is unsaturated fats. Specifically, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).

These fats are NOT produced in our bodies, and thus, we have to obtain them through our diet. They are very beneficial and necessary for many biological functions in our bodies. One of them is to decrease the chances of heart disease. Since EFAs increase the bodies Good Cholesterols, and this s simply good for the heart.

As for fat loss, one of EFAs contributions is to aid in the production of Testosterone. This hormone aids muscle growth,.. and when you've got more muscle, that means more FAT BURN!

3. Eat Correct Amounts of Calories (Food) - Food intake should not be constant in order to lose fat and get the rock hard abs!

If you're fat (or skinny fat), you would firstly need to eat lesser calories. To get fast results, you need to supplement it with weights and exercise (more on this later). Once you start with a slight caloric deficit, combined with weights and exercise, your body will try to adapt to this change, and will burn more fat (due to increased metabolism).

Eventually, the body will achieve a level where it starts to feel comfortable, and change is no longer necessary. Since the body adapts, and will at one point feel comfortable, it will feel that the amount of food received is not enough anymore. Since metabolism has increased, the body wants more source of energy!!! By maintaining the lower calries, starvation will kick in. And you know what happens if the body realizes that it is in possible famine... Yes, it slows metabolism down to conserve energy. And also starts to store more fat.

Back to square one. NOT what a person seeking chiseled abs would desire.

So, basically what you need to do is eat more after that phase is reached. And after that, adapt your food intake to the bodily changes. In short, eat the correct amounts of food, depending on the situation. You wouldn't need to do MAJOR changes, just slight adjustments. And sticking to it for a couple of weeks or months would yield astronomical results!!! NICER ABS!!!

4. Exercise and Train with Weights - Yes. To get the best results, you will need to do this. It is optional, but it would take TWICE as long to lose the fat if you don't add it to the equation.

Exercise here means doing cardiovascular activities. These activities should be ones that bring your intensity levels up to a certain point, where you heart rate start to beat at the optimal fat burning zone :) Activities such as running (out doors or treadmill), swimming, skipping rope, cycling (including the stationary bicycle), dancing... or anything else that can rev up your heart rate.

Weight Training serves to maintain or build muscles. More muscle means less fat. Less fat means VISIBLE ABS! So, basically that's why you need to do weights. Not only must you concentrate on the abdominal area (because SPOT REDUCTION is actually IMPOSSIBLE) you must do the WHOLE BODY! That's the way to go.

5. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS... BE CONSISTENT!!!! - The last point, but the most least important. Point 1 though 4 won't yield any results if consistency is not added into the fray.

Have a fat loss GOAL. For instance, "I want to see my ABS this DECEMBER!!!".
(assuming that we made the resolution in AUGUST let's say?)

And work towards this goal. I realize that without the proper knowledge, it is almost impossible to do this. If you don't already have the know how, some programs that are available online and off line can help you not only get started, but propel you towards success. For suggestions that have worked for so many people, I have them outlined in this post.

Well, basically that's it. There are more specific details that you need to follow, but it's beyond the scope of this blog. Plus, I'd have to write a book! Which would not fit into this Blog. Ok. GO GET RIPPED! Get those ROCK HARD ABS SHOWING! (I'm more saying this to myself than to my fellow readers. LOL!)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The festive season will be coming soon. Eating wisely would simply be out of the equation.
Thus, I have decided to make a full recovery (from this 1 year 'injury') after Hari Raya Puasa.

Muscles building has always intrigued me. And become a muscle man?
Not really, but I'd like to own a six pack one day :)

Will start to follow the MuscleNow program 'religously'.

5 to 6 meals per day.
3 days weight training
4-5 days aerobics or cardio



Have to say though, MuscleNow is a rather interestingly-unusual programme. Compared to some of the other programs that I've read (namely Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle and BodyForLife), the methods and techniques that the author preaches are controversial, but at the same time sound very very logical and useful!

In February 2002, I wet to Monash University to further my Masters degree. Went there with a realtively flabby 74kg physique. Although flabby, it was way better then the 83kg me way back in 1999. I had BodyForLife to thank for that transformation.

Anyway, at Monash, I joined the gym and started the MuscleNow program. I actually had underwent TWO 'phases' if you may of the program. Don't get me wrong... the program does no have phases... it's just that I went through two separate experiences using the program, which I will explain in the following sections.

Like any other good pogram, MuscleNow preaches eating 5-6 square meals per day, plus the importance of Cardio and Weight Training. But this program stands out from the others, because in my book, the author is so damn honest, and simply has great passion for what he does!
After buying the book (which had a 90 day money back guarantee), I was kind of skeptical about the LIFETIME email support that Francesco Castano promised he'd give people who bought his program. I mean, what if 100,000 buy the program. Then, can he say that he could respond to 100,000 emails (maybe and most probably MORE!!!) every day of his life? I thought NOT!

But, this guy proved me wrong. Not only was his program superb, but Francesco also answered ALL... yes, ALL the email questions I sent to him. No matter if it was a really-really silly dumb question, he always had a friendly reply. Heck, he even answered lots of my emails before I even bought the book from him. LOL!

Ok, ... now back to what I went through at Monash with MuscleNow.


I started out with full enthusiasm to succeed! I was no longer contempt with the flabby body I had. I was determined to change my physique to become a lean and muscular individual... someone who'd look nice naked. LOL! (Not that I plan to strip for anyone in the near future... :P)

For food, I consumed chicken breast as my primary source of protein. This was augmented by egg whites, skim milk, cottage cheese, light singles cheese, tofu and also potein powder (due o its convinience). My carb intake mostly consisted of cornflakes, rice (brown and white), low fat pita bread, and also fruits such as bananas and oranges. In MuscleNow, the author has come up with an ingenious and simple way on how to measure these foods, so that I'd get the proper balance of Protein and Carb.

I chose to do weights 5 times per day. Now, I saw that as a bad choice, because 5 days of weight training was not suitable for a newbie. Bodybuilding pros do 5 times per day (and usually more!).
Anyhow, I got results no matter what. After around 3 to 4 weeks (of religiously following the cardio and weight training regime), I went down from 74kg to around 68kg. As my main goal at the time was to lose fat, I was extremely ecstatic! I was seeing veins in my arms as well as on some parts of my biceps, and I was able to see the my chest, sort of separating from my arm-pits. I know this sounds a bit wierd, but before that, it was like a big blubber of flab there. But after that, it looked lik there were actually two body pars! LOL!

I was doing great! I was also noticing my back muscles starting to shape up. And my forearms were taking up a muscular shape (even though no BIG) that I've never ever seen before. Again, the word ecstatic is appropriate here.

After that, I decided to take a little break. And unfortunately... the short break lasted for almost 3 to 4 months :(

During that period, I was going back to Malaysia due to the university break. When I came back, the food missed me, and everything was miraculous! I went up from 70kg to 76kg in two monhs. Darn, that 3kg (around 6.6 pounds per month). Started to feel bloated, and started to realize that I need to do something about my weight increase here.

So, after two months holidaying in Malaysia, I was determined to start fresh in Monash... which I did. I managed to get down to 73kg. Now, even though it didn't seem much, it was a very very BIG achievement. Along the way (which was around 2 plus months), I lost a great amount of fat, and gaied some mass!!! Yes!!! I gained MUSCLE!!!

I noticed it when I really2 looked into the mirror and also when I started to take measurements.
My frame started to change. I was seeing separation in my chest, my upper abs were sarting to show, and it seemed like I was actually having a V-shape-torso(well, almost a least) !!! Biceps went from 12.5 inches to 13.5 inches. Now, 1 inch is something to be proud of at my level. :D

In short, it was one of the best moments in my life!!!
I was fit, and had everything in front of me!!! I was going to MAKE IT!!!
But like most of my triumphs, I decided to reward myself with a ONE WEEK break from healthy eating and excercise (both cardio and weights). That was one of the gravest mistakes of my life.

It was very2 hard to start over again. Plus I'd have to reschedule the eating plan, because I forgot how it was done before. In all, quitting was easy, but rebuilding what I brought down needs much more effort than I initially thought.

Anyway, now I'm planning to get my dreams fulfilled. And with MuscleNow, I am confident tha I can do it. I've fallen in the past, and am sure I can rise again NOW!

Just hope you all wish me Good Luck, and with a lot of help from GOD, I'd be able to reach my dreams.